Taking time to stop and reflect about my own connection to this place. I had never consciously done that. Thank you! I was also hugely valuable to hear about other people and their stories – it really did help to feel more connected to them.

Melinda Bennet

I enjoyed the practical experiences. This gave us a kete to use with our staff, students and self.
Also provided the opportunity to be in the shoes of our students, and feel what they feel during these learning experiences which was very powerful. Through these learning experiences were able to connect and build relationships and trust as a group.

Carla Veldman

Thank you for providing time for wananga – developing ways to be creative and problem-solve by identifying with our stories and local history. Your support has helped develop a platform for our integrated programme to ensure all students are heard, engaged and feel valued.

Nathan Janes
Associate Principal

Hone Heke has been instrumental in maintaining a positive culture within the North Harbour rugby environment. He is passionate about people, and from my experience with Hone Heke he has a real genuine heart to see people succeed.

Chris Smilye
Professional Development Leader

Hone Heke has a great passion for the work he does. Culture is a massive part of high-Performance sports and plays an important role in team bonding. Hone Heke builds trust through telling his unique story and puts a big emphasis on knowing where you come from and what grounds you, our Turangawaewae. He has a special way of connecting us with our past in order to grow culturally. He makes people feel very comfortable while incorporating Māori culture, providing us with important tools to help connect and navigate us through our journey.

Ben Afeaki
Assistant Coach